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Since 2016, people across North Carolina have trusted DXA Body Composition NC to provide a comprehensive analysis of their bodies. We leverage medical-grade health testing and gold standard technologies to deliver immediate, science-backed insights about body composition.

Chronic disease is on the rise and obesity is an epidemic in this country. The healthcare system generally prioritizes treatment over prevention and we believe people are victims of a broken paradigm. DXA Body Composition NC opened as one practical solution to this problem. We provide real-time data and actionable insights that empower you to achieve and sustain and improve optimal health.

The Story of Dr. Stewart and DXA Body Composition of NC

Dr. Robert Stewart, M.D. has served the Durham area and surrounding communities for more than 40 years. After 20 years as a general internist, including five years at Duke University, Dr. Stewart recognized the importance of disease prevention as opposed to just disease treatment. Additionally, he recognized the high mortality associated with obesity and osteoporosis, which may be prevented with early detection by DXA testing.

To address this, Dr. Stewart, along with his wife Ruth — an RN, established Bone Health, a mobile osteoporosis testing service that utilizes DXA technology. Over the next 20 years, the service grew and provided testing in 11 counties and 22 locations and became the largest osteoporosis service in North Carolina. It soon became apparent that many patients were going untreated and were suffering osteoporotic fractures, therefore osteoporosis treatment was added to their testing services. More recently nonpharmacologic (nonprescription medicines) approaches were also added.

Most recently, as an internist, Dr. Stewart recognizes the high prevalence of obesity and associated metabolic related problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease and added the ability to test visceral fat by DXA technology. DXA technology is the recognized gold standard used by the U.S. Olympic committee. DXA Body Composition of NC gives patients science-based analysis and insights about their muscle, fat, and bone density composition.

DXA Body Composition NC is central North Carolina’s trusted source for precise, cost-effective DXA body scans. With our state-of-the-art technology, our skilled professionals can generate a detailed picture of your lean muscle, body fat, and bone composition. The procedure is quick, convenient, safe, and comprehensive.

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A scan takes mere minutes — schedule an appointment during your lunch break or before seeing your personal trainer and be on your way!