New Patients

What to Expect During Your First Visit

When you arrive for your first appointment at DXA Body Composition NC, our friendly staff will greet you and guide you through the process. The DXA body scan itself is quick, painless, and non-invasive. You’ll simply lie comfortably on a padded table while the state-of-the-art DXA scanner moves overhead, capturing precise measurements of your body composition without ever touching you. The entire scan takes only 10-15 minutes.

New Patient Form

To streamline your first visit, we ask that you print and complete our new patient form prior to your appointment. This form collects essential information about your health history and goals, allowing our team to provide you with a personalized experience tailored to your needs.

What Our Patients Say

14:54 02 Jul 24
Highly impressed! I was given a very thorough report at the end and everything was explained to me. I will be back!
Bobby AllenBobby Allen
11:16 21 Jun 24
Meredith EarlMeredith Earl
17:51 14 Jun 24
Had a fantastic experience getting my DXA scan done and explained by Adam. I really appreciated the time he took to walk me through the results. I highly recommend as the place to get your DCA scan done!
Robert BeachRobert Beach
18:28 04 May 24
Adam was amazing and extremely informative!
Pamela GorhamPamela Gorham
00:04 01 May 24
Adam is a great technician & I love his nonjudgmental feedback.
Loke LALoke LA
22:07 30 Apr 24
Adam was great. Got a lot of goodinfo on body fat,bone density, bmi etc., would love to Go back in 6 months to see how things change
April BaileyApril Bailey
15:35 27 Apr 24
This is the second time I have gone to see Adam for a DXA scan. Both times were a five-star experience from the booking, to the exam itself to Adam’s thorough and detailed explanation of the data. He is extremely knowledgeable, very professional and answered all of my questions. He pulled up my first scan and compared the two sets of data for me which was very helpful to see incremental changes.He is also knowledgeable about women’s health and how hormonal changes can affect results and encouraged me to discuss any concerns with my medical doctor. His office is clean, he is punctual and welcoming, he is well-organized and extremely professional. Highly recommend.
Diane ClawsonDiane Clawson
15:13 24 Apr 24
Adam is so knowledgeable and professional during the whole process. He explained the results throughly and answered all our questions.
Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis
13:28 20 Mar 24
Hey, as a 49-year-old headed straight into that lovely change of life, I decided to go ahead and get my first Dexa scan just to get a basic idea about my bone mineral density and visceral fat. This place is amazing and the person who runs it is absolutely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. The entire process took under 30 minutes and I learned an incredible amount of data about my current health status and body composition. I definitely have some goals after leaving this appointment. And, this has changed my previous approach toward my fitness; I have a better idea what I should focus on now rather than the areas I was focusing on previously. Don’t be nervous- it’s not only superfit running males who come here. And don’t worry, you will probably get some good news along with a little bit of bad (which you can handle, because you care about yourself). Plus, it’s very affordable. Good luck!
Briana FutchBriana Futch
20:51 24 Feb 24
Wonderful experience! Highly recommend their services
Justin EmmonsJustin Emmons
20:50 24 Feb 24
Great service, very informative. Great tool. Looking forward to our next visit.
Patricia HamptonPatricia Hampton
17:16 09 Jan 24
If you're seeking perspective on weight and bone density, this method is your best choice. The service provided was outstanding, offering both excellent value and an exceptional explanation of the results. I now possess a clear understanding of the steps I need to take to restore balance to my body. I highly recommend it!
Jeremy TaylorJeremy Taylor
13:35 09 Jan 24
Mathew BaderMathew Bader
17:47 30 Dec 23
Great experience having Adam walk me through this scan. He was thorough, receptive to any questions I had, and the whole process was easy and noninvasive.
Uno SteffensenUno Steffensen
01:46 09 Dec 23
My 18 year old son and I went to get our DXA scan a few days ago. Overall very nice and useful experience.Impressed by the amount of usable information in the final report and even more impressed by the explanations given by Adam. He explained all the little details and gave suggestions on how to improve. Will be back in 6 months to get another scan. Hope to see some progress by then :-)Highly recommended.
Tristan WatsonTristan Watson
04:45 02 Dec 23
Great service to understand weight, muscle mass, bone density. Critical for serious progress in any of those dimensions!
Bill FosterBill Foster
19:30 21 Nov 23
First time getting a scan and it was a great experience. Appreciated all of Adam's knowledge and feedback on the reports. Will definitely be back for a follow up in 6 months.
14:36 19 Sep 23
This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. The scan was five minutes and then afterwords we spent 20 minutes going over the results it was incredibly interesting and informative thank you!Edit: a year later and I’m still super happy with DXA. I’ve had three scans done to check my progress. I love data!
Aaron QuinleyAaron Quinley
03:52 04 Sep 23
I’ve had a couple of body comp scans at this facility over the last year. The process was quick and Adam is a knowledgeable resource about the process and the results, as well as someone I felt comfortable around in a new, kinda awkward experience. I’m planning to go back again soon.
Matthew HarmodyMatthew Harmody
15:24 26 Aug 23