DXA Body Composition NC provides individuals in North Carolina with quality and affordable service. Often coined as the Gold Standard for analyzing your body composition, the DXA scans that we perform accurately assess your body composition and bone health. 

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At DXA Body Composition NC you don’t have to worry about walking away with arbitrary numbers you don’t understand or statistics that mean little to you. Our team works to help you understand what your body composition results mean. Learn more about the services that we provide and how we can assist you today.

Below is an excerpt from Michelle Rogers’s blog on her site, about her experience with DXA Body Comp NC and our services:
“First, technician Adam Garrett took my height and weight on a regular scale, so they can determine BMI. Then, I was positioned on the cushioned scanner table.

You keep your clothes on, but you’ll need to remove any metal you have on. Ladies, wear a bra without a metal clasp or underwire. I wore a sports bra top. Also, you are instructed not to exercise before your scan, so I didn’t work out that morning.

DXA Body Comp NC Learn

Basically all you have to do is lie there and be still for a few minutes. The machine slowly moves overhead as it makes a scan of your body, but does not touch you. The table also moves gently at times during the scan. It was no big deal and didn’t trigger any motion sickness in me whatsoever. The scan itself takes about two and a half minutes.

Then Adam printed a report of the results and took a lot of time to go over everything with me and explain what it all meant. He also answered all questions I had.

It was really interesting to see all the data — such as, is my right arm different from my left, in terms of muscle mass and fat? Did I have dangerous visceral fat lurking around my organs? Are my bones strong enough?

My bone strength is great! There’s no doubt, all the exercise I have been doing over the last decade has paid off. All my other measurements were in a normal range as well.

If you are interested in knowing precisely what your fat, muscle and bone levels are, then a DEXA scan is for you. It takes the guessing out of your training or dieting plan.”

DXA Body Scans

DXA scans use two different x-ray wavelengths to measure lean muscle and bone, giving you a detailed map of your body composition in relation to your bone density, body fat, and tissue mass. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes with patients lying on a padded table. The procedure is noninvasive and safe as the radiation is minimal — no more than you’d get if you stepped outdoors on a sunny day.