Browse a list of our most frequently asked questions to prepare you for your visit.

What is a DXA Body Scan?
A DXA body scan (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry scan), is a non-invasive procedure that accurately measures your body’s bone density, muscle mass, and body fat in the different regions of your body. Also known as a DEXA scan (another acronym for the same name), the DXA body scan precisely measures your body’s makeup through measurements that are calculated by two X-ray beams. Each beam exhibits different energy levels that scan your body, resulting in a thorough informational diagram of your body composition and bone density levels.
What is Body Composition?
Body Composition is a term that is used to explain your physical makeup, including your body’s fat, muscle and bone content. Through the information that our DXA body scans provide, we can help you assess how to efficiently distinguish the amount of lean muscle, fat, and bone mass your body comprises and compare it to age matched peers.
Should I get a DXA body composition scan?
We boast a diverse client base that receives DXA scans for many different reasons such as losing fat, adding muscle, preparing for fitness competitions, improving health, and monitoring the effectiveness of fitness training and dietary changes. Additionally, DXA scans are FDA approved to measure visceral fat (fat around the organs). High visceral fat may be an indicator of metabolic syndrome conditions such as a predisposition to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Included in the scan is a total bone density screening that measures the density of your bones in different regions of your body. Through these scans, we may identify those at risk of osteoporosis and in need of a diagnostic bone density test. Certain demographics of people can be genetically and physically more susceptible to these issues.
How much does it cost?

DXA Body Composition NC offers competitive prices, compared to other businesses in the same industry.  For $119, we can perform a full DXA body scan in as little as 10 minutes. With a DXA scan you don’t have to worry about calipers, underwater weighing, or other uncomfortable methods of determining your body composition. If you’re looking to get the most comprehensive information at an unbeatable price, we provide the most efficient results at a reasonable cost.

Is the scan safe?
Yes. The amount of radiation you receive is the same as a flight from LA to NY.
How long is the scan?
The scan lasts 3 to 6 minutes. The perfect length to drop in at lunch and check in on your goals!
Can I get the scan if I am pregnant or may be pregnant?
No. If unsure we suggest taking a pregnancy test before scheduling a scan.
Is there a weight limitation for getting a scan?
Yes. The maximum weight for the machine is 450lbs.
How about height or width?
Depends. The machine allows for a maximum of 77″ to scan the entire body. If you are taller than 77″, you can always get the scan with the feet off the table. While this isn’t 100% accurate, it still allows you to scan vital areas for body fat and lean tissue. Width limitations are a bit trickier. The table itself allows for 26.4″, however, we can do something call “mirroring”. We will line you up on the left hand side of the table and not scan your left arm. This allows us to mirror right arm/leg data for your left, again allowing to you scan vital areas for health information.
Any other restrictions for scanning?
You will need to have the ability to lay still for up to 6 minutes. If you have received dye contrast or radioactive dye for a medical scan, you will need to wait 10 to 14 days for the dye to leave your system.
What should I wear?
Lite, thin material should be worn for the scan. For men, shorts and a lite t-shirt is acceptable. For women, yoga style clothing tends to do best. Please do not wear jeans/wool/heavy material for your scan.
Should I fast?
Yes and no. If you can fast, that is ideal. However, everyone can’t do their scan right after waking up, so a lite meal is acceptable. The big thing is to try and repeat your exact circumstances for every scan. If you eat a bagel and have a cup of coffee before your first scan, try to do that for every subsequent scan. We do suggest not eating a large meal before any scan.
How about liquids?
We suggest being “hydration neutral”. This means coming in for your scan at your normal hydration
level for the day.
You say not to exercise before a scan. How soon is too soon?
The biggest issue with exercise before a scan is hydration level. Too soon and you will be dehydrated from working out OR over hydrated from replenishing lost fluid. We suggest having enough time to replenish any lost fluid and then having several bathroom visits to make sure any excess fluid is passed.
Does insurance pay for the scan?
Most insurance companies do not cover body composition scans, therefore we are not set up to process insurance. We DO accept HSA or FSA cards, just make sure to ask for a receipt to make sure they will ok the charge.
How do I make an appointment?

Contact us today! DXA Body Composition NC is proud to offer a practical approach to understanding your body, with the help of our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art technology. Our body scans can assist patients who want to enhance or monitor their fitness, assess their bone health, or just want to understand their body composition. Our technician has been trained and certified as a DXA Hologic Body Composition Technician.  Book online at https://square.site/book/CPJM0K2XG49B2/dxa-body-composition-nc-durham-nc.