DEXA/DXA Body Scans

DXA scans use two different x-ray wavelengths to measure lean muscle and bone, giving you a detailed map of your body composition in relation to your bone density, body fat, and tissue mass. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes with patients lying on a padded table. The procedure is noninvasive and safe as the radiation is minimal — no more than you’d get if you stepped outdoors on a sunny day. DXA scans are cost efficient–they provide a vast amount of knowledge for a relatively low cost. These scans provide accurate information concerning how much fat is present and where it is located within the body displayed with color images displaying the distribution.

DXA Body Scans can be appropriate for all walks of life. For fitness pros such as professional athletes and bodybuilders, the results provided by a DXA Body Scan can enhance fitness programs by showing you very specific improvements and results, while also showing where you might need to improve. For those individuals challenging themselves to live a healthier lifestyle, a DXA Body Scan can give you a baseline when starting your program and give you continued feedback to keep your results trending in a positive correlation.

DXA Body Scans are used by various high profile organizations. The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs uses DXA Body Scans to help evaluate training programs and make adjustments for Olympic Athletes. DXA Body Scans have also been featured on the weight loss television program, The Biggest Loser. As with any weight loss program, it is important for individuals to be able to see where they are losing weight and making sure they are losing fat and not muscle mass. This helped the trainers featured on the program make adjustments to maximize fat mass loss.

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